NCFBS Women In Blues Showcase


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The 7th annual Women in Blues Showcase is May 17th, 2020 at Cypress & Grove, a fantastic woman-owned venue. Join us in celebrating the Blues and the important role female performers have played, do play, and will play in keeping the music vibrant.

The performers this year are:
Acoustic Performers
Nora Gauck – Keystone Heights, FL
Heidi Holton – Murphy, NC
Barbara Armbrecht – Gainesville, FL

Susan Angeletti – Boynton Beach, FL
Michelle Banfield – Gainesville, FL
Heaven Davis – Atlanta, GA
Mandy Ferwerda – Gainesville, FL
Bridget Kelly Gainesville, FL
Jeanie Marie, Orlando, FL
Jureesa McBride, Vicksburg, MS
Charlie Pace – Copeland, FL
Brigitte Rios Purdy – Los Angeles, CA
Becky Sinn – Ocala, FL
Freddie Stover – Pittsburgh, PA

House band to include:
Cheryl Rinovato, Guitar – Pittsburgh, PA
Christine Alexander, Drums – Pensacola, FL

The North Central Florida Blues Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to preserve, cultivate, nurture and promote the Blues and support Blues performance in North Central Florida while providing an increased awareness and appreciation for Blues music through education, promotion and performance.

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