gobleThe North Central Florida Blues Society, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is:

  1. To Preserve, cultivate, nurture, and promote one of America’s indigenous cultures, the Blues, and to support the Blues in North Central Florida on all levels and in multiple venues;
  2. To provide a forum for exchange of current Blues news and events for members;
  3. To increase awareness of and appreciation for the Blues through Society-sanctioned educational efforts; and
  4. To provide a network of association for area Blues lovers.


(c) 2013 debby strickland / JazzBluesFloridaFor the purposes of the North Central Florida Blues Society, the term “Blues” refers to the various styles of music that are generally accepted to be “Blues”, including but not limited to Delta Blues, Piedmont Blues, Chicago Blues, Texas Blues, West Coast & Jump Blues, Piano Blues, and Jazz Blues. As these forms of Blues will not continue to exist if no one plays them or hears them, we consider it important to our mission to focus upon these and similar styles in order to preserve them.


funevent_jbfJoin us as we keep the Blues alive in the North Central Florida area!