Gil and Nora Gauck, also known as One Eyed Cat, have recorded a new album, Resiliency. The CD Release Party is this Wednesday – May 15 at Satchel’s from 6-9. Guest artists Paco and Mr. Aullie will perform at this event, joining Gil and Nora!


“A couple of years ago when I told Nora “I think I got one more CD in me” she asked why?? My honest reply was “Legacy, after over 4 decades in the music business, learning, being mentored by some of the best and getting my ass kicked by the business of music some I learned a lot and I’ve got to leave something out there to represent it all”. I did my best to capture that here with my favorite female singer ever (Nora) and 3 of the finest creative musicians I could find to add some flavor; (Paco / guitars, Donald Blitch / harmonica and a surprise visit by Ed Berkhof passing through in his RV to lay down a couple of bass tracks). All the songs are from our live shows, each unique and original even the couple of “Catified” covers. Yeah, I’m pretty damn excited about this project and can’t wait to get it out to y’all. ”