We at the North Central Florida Blues Society are excited to have George Worthmore coming to Gainesville to play a concert Heartwood Soundstage on March 2, and also to hold a workshop on Sunday afternoon, March 3 at Cypress & Grove.

The workshop will cost $20 and is open to all levels of playing.

Workshop title: Don’t Play the Guitar- Play the Music

Workshop Description:
It teaches how to take what you do with your fingers on a fretboard and place it as music in a listener’s mind. The workshop stresses the importance of musical fundamentals, especially tempo, pitch, and timbre, in creating professional-sounding music. It shows the guitarist how to up his game by using techniques and practices, to make sure his fundamentals are strong.

“Yesterday, I left work early to attend a symposium on fingerstyle guitar at Elderly given by George Worthmore, famous NYC guitar dude who’s toured and played with Hot Tuna, Bo Diddley and others. When it came time for the lesson part, I received an in-depth drilling by one of the greats. What an honor and privilege. Showed me some cool Travis picking runs and really helped me understand that reading notes or tab and playing the song is different than actually delivering the music to an audience. It’s already helped me immensely. What a great insight George gave me on guitar!”.”

– From an attendee at an Elderly Instruments Workshop , Lansing, Michigan

“We just had a Guitar Workshop here taught by George Worthmore. He lives in Sarasota, a fantastic guitarist and a Very nice guy. He plays these fabulous, fingerstyle chord/melody arrangements of Paul McCartney songs! ….. Beautiful Guitar arrangements. He had one of his top students with him, a graduate of New College but together they were incredible.”

– Martin Foulds, Director , St Pete’s Music Factory

You can pay at the workshop, or to secure a space now, please use the below PayPal button.

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George Worthmore