Hello friends,

A recent close look at our financial position shows that memberships and donations are down this year.  This concerns us, because we had hoped that the very high level of artists and bands we have brought to Gainesville this year would have been met with financial support from our community. John Primer, Chris Cain, Mr. Sipp, and Biscuit Miller are some of the finest Blues artists around – but they cost money to book. If support from our members and friends is not received, we will likely not be able to continue this stellar level of booking.  If we’ve ever been something you’ve valued, we would truly appreciate a membership renewal, a donation, or a new membership.  We have plans and goals for more great events in the near future, but we do need your help.

A visit to https://ncfblues.org/support-us/  would be the quickest way to help.

Thank you for your support and interest in what the North Central Florida Blues Society does.