Rob Richardson, President
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Rob is happy to provide the Society with a historical perspective, having served on the Board for nine years, in roles including Secretary, Vice President, and President. Rob also books national and international Blues artists for North Central Florida area concerts, with an eye on showcasing not only the many different styles that exist under the umbrella of Blues, but also to bring the finest talent to the area, acts that area residents would otherwise have to travel to see perform live.
Dr Jules Gliesche, Vice President
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Dr. Jules Gliesche is a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Florida, specializing in Historical Linguistics. He brings this same interest in history to music, and the result has been his affection for the Blues as well as his desire to preserve and promote the Blues. He started out in life being trained on clarinet, saxophone and bassoon in both classical music & jazz, but discovered early on in life that playing guitar (albeit upside-down and backwards) brought with it certain social benefits that inspired the switch. After failing to catch on in Nashville as the “Weird Al Yankovic of Country Music”, he moved to the Hill Country of Texas and discovered the Blues. As a singer-songwriter-musician, his output to date has produced 3 CDs worth of original material, with a fourth to be completed soon – as well as a reasonably obscure YouTube channel full of music videos of original compositions and covers. Despite these labors of love, neither fame nor fortune have materialized, but the passion for the music remains. His objective with the NCFBS is to develop a self-sustaining community of Blues enthusiasts in this part of the state who enjoy playing, listening to and learning about the Blues.
Richard Ritari, Treasurer
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Richard is Treasurer for the North Central Florida Blues Society. Richard has an extensive professional concert touring and event background, and is an active musician and sound engineer in the North Central Florida Area.
Barbara Armbrecht, Director
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I’ve sat on the blues society board for five years and held the position of vice president for three years. The blues is changing. It’s no longer stagnant and it’s my desire to help it grow.
Lothar Weimann, Secretary
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As a kid of the ’50s, Lothar was infected with the Blues virus while listening to Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee jobbing for a local concert promoter. Lothar was then overrun by the British Blues Movement, J.Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Clapton, Fleetwood Mac and Chicken Shack, just to name a few, then later on Hendrix and The Allman Brothers, not to forget the then younger artists like SRV and the Fabulous T-Birds. It was a very electrifying influence that created Lothar’s picture of how to understand the Blues as a positive energy. Positive energy guided Lothar through his life as a successful Marketing guy, through changes in relocating from Europe to the U.S. and coming up with the wish to be an active part of the Gainesville music scene and Blues Society. This resulted in taking part in the NCFBS Blues Challenge, which Lothar’s band won, and he went on to represent Gainesville at the IBC 2017 in Memphis, TN. As a member of the NCFBS, Lothar’s desire is help to keep the Blues alive.
Allan Yeatter, Secretary
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Alan Yeatter is an award winning musician/songwriter. Performing in genres ranging from Americana to indie rock from the age of 16, in 2006 he returned to his first musical love, the blues, joining the Used Blues Band. After reforming as Root Redemption, the band is still going strong. In 2010 his composition “Palm Reader Blues”was named “Blues Song of the Year” in the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards. He has been a member of the North Central Florida Blues Society since 2006 and has served on the NCFBS board since 2012, acting as treasurer in 2014 and 2015.
Vicki Bordeaux, DirectorI feel music is therapeutic and creates healing. I love music of all kinds and enjoy being involved in the local music scene helping to promote local performers and venues. I enjoy the Blues and became involved with the local Blues community through my musician husband, Paco. I have enjoyed this last year on the board and look forward to serving however I am able to help support the North Central Florida Blues Society.
Michelle Banfield, DirectorMichelle has been a member of the North Central Blues Society since February 2017 and became a member of the NCFBS Board in September 2017. You will often find her at NCFBS events on “either side of the table”, as a Board representative interacting with prospective new members, as a patron and supporter of the event as a blues music enthusiast or as a performer on the stage herself. She is an active local musician, providing lead vocals in two bands including the 5 piece blues rock band, The Shakedown. She first emerged on the local blues scene at the 1st annual Women in Blues Showcase in 2014 and has been invited back every year since. She has a true passion for music and her love for blues music in particular continues to blossom. Michelle is a Clinical Social Worker by day and, as such, has an extensive background working with various types of people, groups and organizations in the community. She is a good communicator, a good listener and is skilled at bringing individuals together to realize shared goals. Throughout her life, she has been a volunteer for various causes benefiting the arts as well as humans and animals in need. Her philosophy is “to whom much is given, much is required” so she finds reward in giving back by helping others. Furthermore, she enjoys working towards the further expansion of the knowledge of blues music and the Blues Society in our area and hopes to continue her tenure on the Board for years to come.
Rick Randlett, Director
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Rick Randlett first discovered the blues in college during the 1970’s. First influenced by the initial wave of British blues rockers he began to study the originators of the style. A move to Florida in the 1980’s led to gigs with country artists and now songs by Johnny Cash and Hank Williams sit comfortably in his show along with songs by Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy.
Along with guitar and vocals, Rick is known for his lap steel work, and that instrument along with slide guitar and pedal steel all make appearances on the stage.
Rick has released five CDs, three of which have reached the top ten on the Roots Music Report blues charts.