This month’s jam, held on Sunday the 16th is hosted by JuJu Junction.  We haven’t seen as much of Lothar and Co. as we’d like, so here’s a great opportunity.  The jam is at Eagles Landing (7118 W University Ave in Gainesville, behind Home Depot).

And in September 23 we celebrate Bridget Kelly’s birthday at the High Dive, and you get the presents!  The Ghost Town Blues Band from Memphis, the Betty Fox Band from Tampa, and Gainesville’s own Bridget Kelly Band will all perform, and just imagine how cool it will be at the end of the night when Bridget and Tim and Betty and Josh Nelms and Matt Isbell and Suavo Jones are all on stage jamming!

By the way, we have in the past gotten used to there not being food available at the jam.  Now that we are at Eagles Landing, I’d like to remind you that the Eagles have a kitchen, and want to know what you’d like to eat this month: sandwiches, hot dogs, loaded baked potato, etc – if there’s something simple like that you’d like, they’d be happy to make it available. E-mail with your food likes.

Also, I’d like to remind you that the NCFBS allows bands with a current membership to post their own shows on our website. Visit  to see where the Ramblin’ Mutts, Root Redemption, and Little Mike & the Tornadoes, among others, are playing this month.  If you are a current NCFBS member in a band playing Blues, I’d like to remind you that you can post your own shows on our website, by using the login you received when you joined and going to . Email if you are having any issues posting your event.