Not only will the world-renowned Longineu Parsons II and Ted Shumate be playing this show, but I have received official word that drummer Longineu Parsons III (This Legend, ex-Yellowcard, Adam Lambert, many others) will also be performing as a member of 21 Blue. The opportunity to see these top musicians in the fantastic listening room environment of Heartwood Soundstage is something you should not miss! 21 Blue is Blues for the 21st century, the nexus at which authentic down & dirty Blues meets world-class Jazz. This quintessential intersection of Blues and Jazz features the world-renowned musicians trumpeter Longineu Parsons II and guitarist Ted Shumate, resulting in authentic Blues played at an impeccable level of musicianship – world-class musicians who express the heart and soul of American music! 21 Blue will take you from Louis Armstrong to Howlin’ Wolf to Miles Davis to Jimi Hendrix and beyond. This group does what no other group can in terms of playing the history of American music and making you love the fact that you are there to dance to it.

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